ActualTools File Folders v1.9 Full [Crack]

actual-window-managerFile Folders by Actualtools is a software which would be very useful to present the information, files and folders are the basic element used to store and organize the information. Everyday you make numerous operations with files and folders: creating, opening, saving, modifying, copying, renaming, moving and deleting.
Although with each new version Windows develops the speed and easiness of such operations to further heights, there still remain some things that can be done better.

Actual File Folders provides the following tools specially designed to speed up the navigation through folders:

  • The Favorite Folders file folders extension lets you create a list of shortcuts to the folders you use most often. Then, you can invoke this list in any file-related window of any program to access any of your favorite folders instantly with a single click. This resembles the list of bookmarks for your favorite websites in your web browser. This is a good alternative to the tedious clicking for navigation to the required folder through the folders hierarchy.
  • The Recent Folders file folders extension automatically tracks which folders you have visited recently and keeps a list of shortcuts to those folders so you can return to them instantly with a single click. This resembles the browsing history in your web browser, where you can quickly return to a web page visited some time ago if circumstances require.


Latest Version

Older Version

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Install Instructions

  1. Download files below
  2. Disable Internet and Antivirus
  3. Unpack files using WinRAR
  4. Install (Run Setup)
  5. Exit program if they Running
  6. Copy Crack file to Installation directory
  7. Enjoy !!!

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