L0phtCrack Password Auditor 7.0.9 Full with Crack ( Update! )

l0phtcrack7_iconL0phtCrack is very useful for you to password audit and recovery tool for Windows and Unix passwords that assist administrators to secure and recover passwords. It features password auditing and recovery solution, helps to identify security vulnerabilities, and recover Windows and Unix account passwords both standard user as well as administrator accounts. .

Main Features:

  • Intuitive, and easy-to-use with wizard-interface
  • Extensive security reporting as well as real-time
  • Imports and cracks Windows & Unix passwords
  • Local, Remote, Disk, and Networks password recovery
  • Password scoring to measure password quality
  • Supports pre-computed password hashes, and more.

This software also can be used multiple assessment methods to test and recovery passwords, by using brute-force, hybrid attacks, dictionary, and rainbow tables. LC6 features networks monitoring, scheduling, hash extraction, multi algorithms, and works with almost all Windows and Unix environments.


Install Instructions

  1. Download files below
  2. Disable Internet and Antivirus
  3. Unpack files using WinRAR
  4. Install (Run Setup)
  5. Exit program if they Running
  6. Copy Crack file to Installation directory
  7. Enjoy !!!

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